Successful Brands Are Built On True Pillars.
Here’s How I’ve Built Mine.

Brand Elevation
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  • Launched new ETS products Revised GRE, HiSET, and TOEFL Junior.
  • Trained international reps on the new ETS Brand.
  • Conducted brand reviews on all work executed by the In-house team and external agencies.
  • Served as point of contact, globally, for all brand issues and assets. Worked with legal to protect ETS trademarks.
  • Launched new products and brands for AT&T, Refron, Maxim Group, Spirits Unlimited, FoodTown and DuPont.

“Rob worked side-by-side with me to meet the ever changing brand building and lead generation needs of my companies. I could always count on Rob to strategize and brainstorm with me as a business associate — something I find very rare in a Creative Director.”

Creative Excellence
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  • With my own creative solutions and that of teams I’ve directed, have garnered 100’s of awards.
  • Worked with my management team on process revisions that resulted in zero published errors year after year.
  • Owned and managed a creative services business.
  • Authored articles for trade publications on production techniques.
  • Organized company-wide extracurricular activities including talent shows, themed breakfasts and a bowling league for over 300 employees.

“Rob has the wonderful ability to motivate and inspire his team. He is among those rare individuals who truly excel at both the 'creative' and 'director' in their title.”

Thought Leadership
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  • Developed a vision for ETS Endorsement Branding. Strategized how ETS could engage Endorsement Branding relationships.
  • Helped define ETS’s RFP response mechanism, setting the standard of quality for templates to be used throughout ETS.
  • Brainstormed strategy and tactics for the GRE Business School Attack Plan - resulting in 1,000 business schools now accepting GRE scores.
  • Received the Dale Carnegie Innovation Award as voted by my peers.

“He understands marketing and its inherent effective on the target audience (he can write a better creative brief than most marketing people) ... has a deeply-rooted creative sense that includes copy as well as art, and is dedicated to fostering growth and productivity within the work environment.”

Resource Management
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  • Directed a group as large as thirty-five designers, editorial staff and project planners.
  • Oversaw a budget of $4MM, ending the fiscal year under budget within a margin of less than 5%.
  • Annually set department objectives, conducted staff reviews and established development plans.
  • Led the search for additional mid-sized, cost-effective agencies to be used as needed.

“He understands the value of the creative process, inspires and empowers his designers and writers to achieve their best work, and does a great job working with his clients to ensure their objectives are being met.”